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So you want to try a lesson?

Take a trial lesson in one of our martial arts. Trial lessons are important when considering a martial art. It gives you the opportunity to check out the culture of the school you think may suit you. Cultures between school can vary dramatically and affect your experience.

At ASD, we strive to provide a safe, welcoming and respectful training environment. Our students come from all walks of life and are joined by the drive to train in a practical martial art, to improve confidence, fitness and skill.

Our classes are consistently full now and therefore we now require all trial lessons to be booked and prepaid. If you want to see why our students love training at ASD come and have a go. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1 Smart Form and Waiver 

Click here to complete the form required for a trial membership.

Step 2 Payment

Click below to make your $25 trial class payment

Step 3 Book a Date

Please note: when you do click below the wording in the calendar will state "Click here to book in for a free class". This is a limitation of the Clubworx system. At ASD our trial lessons are not free because we have to allocate extra instructor resources to assist the class instructor. New students take up more of the instructors time and this is unfair on fee paying member students.

Click on your preferred class from our calendar below to book your trial lesson. 

When you click on a class there is a description about the class. If you are unsure of which class to choose please call or text Liz on 0403130975.

Now you are ready for your trial lesson. Wear comfortable sports clothes like a tee-shirt and shorts/leggings/track pants. Bring a water bottle. Take your shoes off at the door and wait at the front desk of our training facility in Mitchell and your instructor will greet you.


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  • No Kids classes on school holidays. Children’s Classes only occur during the ACT school term (40 weeks of the year)
  • No training on long weekends or public holidays
  • Reduced adult training over school term breaks. Only Monday and Wednesday adult Hapkido and Bjj classes are held.
  • Refer to the ASD website and facebook page for any upcoming belt exams, special events or seminars.
  • PnK = Parents n Kids. This means that a separate adults/teens session is running at the same time as the Hapkido Kids classes.
  • The fortnightly tuition fee is determined by dividing the yearly training fee (total, depending on how many members join) by 26. The fortnightly fee is deducted every second Thursday.

At ASD we organise and coordinate a number of important events throughout the training year.  These key activities in any given year are:

ASD Black Belt Test –usually conducted around the shortest day (longest Evening) June 22.

ASD Awards and Presentations – usually held on the second last Saturday of November.



2019 ASD Academy Important Dates – all students and families are invited to attend

  • 2019 ASD Black Belt Test Saturday evening 6pm 22 June 19
  • 2019 ASD Awards and presentations Saturday morning 10am-12 noon 23 Nov 2019

2019 Planned Seminars

  • Ray Floro FFS/Kali illustrisimo Monday evening 6-8pm 1 April 2019
  • John Will BJJ Friday evening 6.30-8.30pm 10 May 2019